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No deposit bonus casinos in South Africa

African spielers always want online entertainment platforms capable of throwing some extra dough in slots/roulette to enlarge punters’ winnings. There’re many platforms providing a chance to obtain more dollar bills in the pockets. However, it would be nice to discover more about such resources so to be capable of choosing a secure platform for a smooth & seamless gambling experience.

no deposit bonus

No deposit bonus gambling houses: pros & cons

Gambling houses providing rewards without deposits are a perfect opportunity for South African spielers to increase online gains & make certain the gambling facility is a suitable one.

Let’s look at the main benefits of No deposit bonus casinos:

  • You can play various gamble games without any payments
  • You can check if the gambling facility is safe & suitable for your
  • You can make your winnings much bigger
  • You can feel like in a real gambling house.

If you aren’t sure that the platform is appropriate or deserves your attention, the mentioned rewards can give you a try in a few games & even allow to win some dough.

However, there are a few drawbacks. Thus, the giveaway without depositing real money is usually more than humble. Besides, there are definite requirements for a spieler to meet in order to be capable of payout of mentioned. As a result, it’s necessary to work more when it concerns winning these rewards to your account. You should understand that there’s a reason for such strictness. If there are no requirements connected with such rewards, spielers will just make a gambling house bankrupt. Everyone (or at least the majority of people) would like to obtain cash for nothing & will just start withdrawing their extras. Even with a small amount, dozens of such players will bring the gambling facility to ruin. Thus, the rules, which exist for considered rewards are fair enough. 

Ways to employ No deposit bonus resources

It’s of crucial importance to become acquainted with the rules of every gambling house you’re about to play. They’re different & greatly depend on a certain resource. You should find out the following information:

online casino south africa no deposit
  • How to get a reward, not depositing your money (there are various methods used by different gambling facilities, so you can, for example, get your credits right after the registration or a certain procedure is required)
  • How to use them (which type of extras you obtain & what games you can use them for)
  • Wagering requirements (it’s the most important information; observe it in order not to lose your rewards).

In general, a reward, not requiring depositing your money, is made for the increase of spielers’ interest & promotion of the platform itself. They might be applied for definite variations of gambling games or be available for any games provided by a gambling house.

Wagering is an essential thing when it concerns a reward, not requiring depositing your money. Every platform has its own terms & conditions, which a spieler should follow in order to take advantage of registration extras. It means that even having a reward, not requiring depositing your money, you can’t just withdraw these funds or winnings connected with them. There is a certain sum of money, which a player is to bet before the winnings from such extras become accessible for payouts. The sum is usually a few times more than a registration reward is.

What registration rewards exist?

There is a great diversity of gambling houses, which welcome South African spielers. They offer not just a large number of games but also various types of rewards, not requiring depositing your money. It’s first important to know that you can enjoy such extras from various devices (mobiles, personal computers, tablets, etc.). Registration extras usually belong to one of the following types: 

  • regular registration rewards
  • free spins
  • rewards with time.

Regular registration rewards

Such extras are one of the most frequent ones for South African gambling houses. The rewards are obtained right after the registration on a definite platform. A spieler receives additional credits/money, which can be spent to try various games. There are no time limitations. The sum, which is given to players, is quite small, so you can hardly meet the requirements of your gambling house without additional deposits. At the same time, you can try a few games & increase your prize. Be attentive when reading the rules on your platform. Sometimes it’s demanded to play only a specific kind of game to get maximum out of your reward, not requiring depositing your money.

Online casinos with free spins

free spins

When you face such kind of free sign-up bonus in South Africa, you can get a certain number of spins, which depends on the gambling house & can vary greatly. These rewards are given to be used on slot machines only. In most cases, such extras are created for the games' promotion (for example, if they are new or old-and-forgotten). Here it’s essential to pay attention to the activation process. Note that sometimes to obtain a reward, it’s required to contact support. In other situations, spins might be given automatically after the registration. Anyway, it’s a nice chance to try a few slots & win extra funds.

Rewards with time limits

This is one more category of a reward, not requiring depositing your money available for South African spielers. Such extras are similar to the regular ones. The key difference is a limited time given to play with extra funds. Besides, the sum of the credits given is usually much bigger compared to regular No deposit bonuses SA. It’s essential to follow the rules of your gambling platform & select the right type of games. Try to spend the largest part of credits you have to get the maximum reward. Remember that when the time’s over, your extras will disappear. There are cases when you can make one more try but your winnings from the previous attempt will vanish.

Procedure to get a registration reward

There are several ways to obtain a reward, not requiring depositing your money. The concrete method depends on a definite gambling platform. Let’s look at the possible ways to get your registration reward in order not to miss your chance to increase your prize:

  • Automatic. It means that your reward without a deposit appears on your account right after the registration. No actions are required from you to get your extras.
  • Special link. After you sign up for the gambling house, you receive an email, which contains a link, which you should follow to confirm your registration & at the same time ask for a registration reward. After that, your credits or spins will be enrolled in your balance.
  • Special code/coupon (No deposit bonus codes). There are cases when it’s required to enter a code, which is created specifically for your gambling house. You open a Cashier section, enter a code & press a Redeem button. After that, you’ll get your extras depending on the conditions of your gambling house.
  • Request to the administration. There’re gambling houses, which require a request from a spieler to give a registration reward. Thus, when you register, you should immediately address the support team. You can do it by various means, the fastest of which is a live chat. The response will be almost instant. Another way is to use an email. However, such a method might take too much time. If you don’t want to wait, use an alternative one.

Withdrawal of winnings from sign-up extras

Payouts are the most important issue for any spieler, who plays not just for fun but for a profit as well. It’s vital to first meet the rules of a definite gambling house & fulfill wagering requirements. When you do so, you can withdraw your extras & any prizes received from them. Then the withdrawal process is the same as for any other funds you want to turn into real cash:

free spins no deposit win real money
  • Open a Cashier section
  • Select Withdrawal
  • Fill in a form with a sum of money you want to obtain
  • Choose a payment method, which is more comfortable for you
  • Press Proceed.

Note that various methods demand different periods of time for the identification & processing of your transaction. The first payment usually demands more time due to the identification process. The others will be faster. The most comfortable, secure & quick methods are electronic wallets & cryptocurrency. It’s also possible to use various bank cards or bank transfers.

 Remember that the requirements concern both credits & spins, so you can’t just win real money with free spins in South Africa.

Requirements for registration rewards

You already know that all registration rewards have certain requirements. When we talk about wagering rules, they denote a definite amount of cash, which you are to bet in order to be able to withdraw your prizes connected with registration rewards.

To make it clear, let’s consider an example. Let’s imagine that your gambling platform has a 10-x wagering requirement for a registration reward. If the sum of credits you get is, for instance, R100, it’s required to bet at least R1000 to get an opportunity to withdraw your funds connected with a registration reward.

Note that in the majority of cases, free extras don’t mean that there’s no need to deposit. If you look at the wagering requirements, you’ll understand that to take benefit from your extras, it’s still necessary to pay.

Remember that there’re requirements not only for credits but for free spins as well. Study the conditions of your gambling house attentively.

Registration rewards: FAQ

free online casino south africa

How safe is it to select such gambling houses for playing?

No deposit bonus gambling houses are absolutely secure if they have a online gambling permit. Besides, pay attention to the level of security when it concerns transactions. The safety of the gambling house is not actually connected with the presence/absence of registration rewards. At the same time, it’s better to be careful with platforms, which seem too generous & offer credits just for nothing. It’s better to observe spielers’ reviews on the Internet & carefully ready Terms & Conditions of a gambling house you are planning to use for gaming.

What is the procedure to withdraw reward funds obtained without deposits?

It is possible to withdraw any No deposit bonus funds or prizes obtained with their help; yet, it’s required to meet the demands of the online recreational place. Only if you manage to do so, you can get your cash. Read the wagering requirements for your gambling house & make certain you are able to make enough bets. Remember that it’s impossible to win instant cash, you first need to make effort & deposit a little money.

When you are done with the demands, you can follow a simple payout procedure. It is the same as for any other funds, which are deposited or won. You just need to select a suitable payment method, pass an identification procedure & wait for some time. 

Can I play various gamble games with registration extras?

No deposit bonuses provided by various gambling platforms can be given with different conditions. There are gambling platforms accepting South African players, which allow choosing any games to play with No deposit bonuses (whether they are credits or spins). However, there are gambling houses, which allow playing only definite kinds of games in order to promote them or introduce new ones.

It’s essential to read the rules & make sure you are using your extras right. Otherwise, there are risks to lose them.

What gambling houses offer the best registrations rewards?

To find a good gambling house, it’s first necessary to pay attention to the certification of the resource. Then, look at the games provided (their types & the number). Consider a few resources, which accept spielers from South Africa:

  • SpringBok. It’s one of reliable No deposit casinos in South Africa, accepting only ZAR currency. There’s an impressive number of games provided, so every spieler can choose a perfect game. To get a No deposit bonus, it’s required to use a special code.
  • Yebo. Another secure online recreational place, which will make you enjoy gambling. They also accept only ZAR. To get your free R350 as a reward, it’s necessary to redeem a code.
  • Zar. This platform accepts a few currencies. There is a generous reward totaling R350. To obtain it, it’s required to get a special code.
  • Lucky Draw. It accepts many currencies. A No deposit bonus is very pleasant & reaches R300. No codes are required.